16 Random Things

December 20, 2008

You have to write a note with sixteen random things, shortcomings, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end choose sixteen people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

I refused to do this on FB, but since it will be imported anyway, sure, why the fuck not.

1) After you meet me, you will think I am either the nicest person you’ve met, or the meanest person you met.

2)  I can’t fall asleep unless my feet are touching, crossed, or otherwise

3) I am OC in many ways, but the worst: All piles must be neat piles. Legos, Quarters, Cards, Papers, whatever, stacked NEATLY.

4) I think Bread + Cheese + Mayo is the most delicious thing ever.

5)  I play with the cowlick in my hair, I always have.

6)  Most people who meet me in Vancouver think I’m gay, but no one I’ve met in Seattle has said so.

7) I don’t like fruit, of any kind, in any form (except for Cherries, and Watermelon). Don’t try

8) I used to be hard core in to science, and wanted to be a paleontologist, my 9th grade history teacher changed that

9) I have 16-ish Neices and Nephews, 2 are older than me

10) I have an obsession with leather coats. I own 7, and keep buying more.

11) I love dark chocolate, all the way up to 100%, fuck you if you think it’s bitter, and one of my favorite snacks is Earl Grey tea, and some chocolate

12) I am blunt, cynical,  sarcastic, direct, and abrasive:  if I say fuck you, it probably means I care

13) I obsess over my hair a little bit, or a lot a bit, but it is damn perfect hair, I’ve been known to wash it in a sink

14) I always walk on the left side of groups, if I am on the right, I will drift over eventually, it is uncomfortable otherwise

15) I do my best thinking when driving, and I go over daydream-like stories in my head that evolve in to 10-minute narratives. It’s how I entertain myself

16) I am always attracted to the mystery, the hard way, the cheat, or whatever isn’t the easy way to do something, sometimes it makes my homework hard.


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