As summer approaches…

May 29, 2008

…. winter distances.

It is 2:30AM, and I have just finished revising what might be the best writing I have ever done. Strangely enough this isn’t coming from a business class, a class on computers, a class on politics, or anything else one might associate me with. Rather, it is the product of a philosophy class, where I wrote a paper on Plato, and whether or not living the just life is a worth it. What did I have to say? Well, where do you think I fall on that issue?

Many of you may or may not know, I am staying in Seattle this summer. There are several reasons as to why I am doing this, some are good, some are bad. Simply put, I like Seattle, Seattle is far less dramatic than Vancouver. I have a place to stay, and friends to hang with, and a job that I enjoy. Why not stay in Seattle? To all at home: I will visit, or you can visit me. Trains are cheap, planes are reasonable, gas is absurd. Pick one, and we’ll work something out.

I find a sort of happy calm writing in the dead of night. Classes are gearing up to end, and papers are due left and right, but in this I have a chance to have a bit of fun in my education, and a bit a creativity. Tests and quizzes, lectures and readings, these don’t allow for any sort of expression, beyond a certain limit. Papers, essays, drafts, revisions, these all allow me to say what I think, right or wrong, and have it evaluated, considered, even loved, or perhaps loathed. When I enjoy a paper, when I take pride in my production (suck it Marx), I remember why I am putting myself in debt for college.

As for the year as a whole, I will have to give it a B-. There is nothing about the year that I hated, and nothing to complain about, but even though I trodded through it, enjoying the moments that presented themselves, there were instances of failure, and the average fell. Classes have been amazing so far. Before I sign up for classes, I ask around, I google, and I RateMyProfessor every possible class I might take. Nothing could make my money (or rather my parents money) more wastefully spent then a poor professor. English is a subject I have always had a love-hate relationship with. Some years she treated me well, and I her. Others she was full of spite. English 120 was and will forever be the last course I will take in that subject. I am glad it ended the way it did. The affair will be remembered mostly as a sweet fling, and I will always wonder where that woman (the English class) is, and how she is doing. This is thanks to my wonderful professor Tara Der-Ye……. I’ll look up the proper spelling later. Again, I entered into a class with a subject I had long held reservations on: Biology. This is a science that I, despite my previous aspirations of dino-digging glory. My professor made that class worthwhile, interesting, and was a good guy. Thanks Jack Vincent! Music History started well, middle-ed full of fear, and ended well. Thanks Quinton Morris, you made the class interesting, if not challenging. History, same story (Lizabeth Johnson). Math, math is an interesting story. Davis Doherty, you are responsible for making me remember everything, and doing it well. Dr. Alex Barchachat (That’s probably not spelled correctly), you are an interesting case. You are the only professor I took on with a negative rating about you. I’d have to say that I have no idea what anyone was talking about, you are a great professor, if not a little quirky:) You can present math in such a way, that anyone will get it, and your accent only makes everything better, and slightly hilarious. Thanks! I can continue to rant, but I think the point is clear, I came to SU because I wanted to know my professors, or at least have the opportunity to do so. I believe that SU has provided that to me. Thank you.

Life in Seattle is everything one would dream it to be. Fun, expensive, eccentric, crazy, progressive, caffeinated, and wet. I love Seattle, the quirks, the buildings, the attitude, everything. That is partially why I am staying. I have made friends here that I can count on, talk to, and have fun with. At the same time we can discuss politics, philosophy, economics, GTA, women, cars, computers, coffee, and even corn sex. That is friendship, and I do expect us to visit somehow this summer. What more can I ask Seattle provide? Seattle did provide me, briefly, with one girl. One interest. One little spark. I was thankful, and took note. In the end, it didn’t quite work out. It’s a shame in some ways; you never get tired of that nervous feeling that you get. The anxiousness that overcomes the way you talk and act, and that no matter how well you may speak, or how clam and adjusted you act, you lose to it, and act like a fool. Butterflies some call it, knots in the stomach, anxiety, nervousness, whatever name it goes by; of it I never tire. To feel like there is something about that person to learn, a mystery to solve, is something underrated. When you walk away from a person smiling, and into a room of others, who notice you smiling; that is when you had a good day. That is a crush. Even though it changed into a friendship, thanks, I think it best you exist in ambiguity, but you deserve some credit; it is always good to be reminded of how a crush feels, and to make a new friend.

Can she (Seattle) provide a better life than current? She could pay better, but salaries go up, wages inflate, and people get promoted. Life goes on. I will be working part-time in Network Services, part time at the Help Desk. If you asked me at the right time in my life, I might say that this is my dream job; working on networking issues, messing with routers, learning subnets, using VLANs, filtering MACs. Now, it is just a hobby, but one for which I will get paid, no complaining there :).

I have written a lot, and killed 30 minutes of sleep I had planned on taking, but my poor blog had been neglected far too long. Good Night!


3 Responses to “As summer approaches…”

  1. James Says:

    Hey man,

    I definitely feel all of the above… except for maybe knowing my professors ;P Although I did get to know one in my seminar class!

    Seriously though, Seattle is definitely way less dramatic than Vancouver, and we both know why. We’ll make the best out of this summer even though we’re living as two poor college students!

    It’ll be great having you around man

  2. Amy J. Says:

    good blog.

    but I’ll have to question you on your amazing Plato essay because I don’t know how you can say anything is better writing then Tommy.

    Priorities man!

  3. Bethany Says:

    Hey Tyler, nothing about FEE yet?! 🙂 I know too few people who want to know their professors, and no one until now who seems to research them as much as you did. And you weren’t homeschooled even… How do you think you came to that desire to really get to know them? Do you find yourself in the minority in that respect?

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