April 13, 2008

#! /usr/bin/env python
# filename :

# Introduce variables
def time(x): None
def content(x): ‘Tons’ * int(x)
def work(x): x * wage;return x;
def updates(blog):

x = time(12)
y = content(5)
z = work(18)

Alright, jokes aside, the above summarizes my lack of regular content. I’ve been working the same amount as last quarter (about 18 hours), taking some classes that require a bit more reading than before, and generally being busy. Not to complain, all these things are good things, thus far, and my last quarter of Freshman (Sophomore.33 if you’re being technical), year looks like it will continue to be enjoyable.

As is pretty obvious with the above statement, I am working on learning python. I figured that it would be a good language to start with, being one that exists and runs on every platform known to man, is free, and is supposed to be simple, clean, and efficient, a notion I rather enjoy šŸ™‚ . I’m not super-master-programmer at the moment, but whatever, I’ll go as I please and have fun with it. I’ll move onto PHP and MySQL (JUST THE BASICS), and maybe play around with getting my website back up and running to do something useful; what I don’t know, but I’ll figure it out.

Life itself has been an interesting ride lately. My family, though I love ’em, is one of the most dysfunctional, insane families around, and everything that happens is dramatic somewhere down the line. I do, however, have YANON (Yet Another Niece or Nephew; That’s the last computer joke, I promise), Shel(l)by. That makes me an uncle the (somewhere around) 14th time over! Hoorah! Celebration! I haven’t seen the baby yet, but Seattle University doesn’t seem to want to let anyone have any breaks during Spring Quarter; I’ll get to you when I can sis! The social has been going well; I’ve seen James more in the past few weeks than I have in a while. I probably have a roommate for next year too! Provided he doesn’t transfer (Read: Defect) to UW. Matt is cool, and he hates his current roommate; that of which I resemble very little, so all should be good. No women these days, but oh well.

Academically life isn’t bad. My Philosophy class is taught by Dr. Van Hollebeke, who does an excellent job of lecturing, discussing, and otherwise teaching a (what could be boring) topic early in the morning; I’ve yet to come close to falling asleep, rare in a class at 10AM. Business Calc (Don’t judge, math isn’t my thing), is going pretty well so far, I have Dr. Alex, same as last quarter. Although people say his tests are killer, I enjoy him, and think he is an excellent math professor. Sociology might be more interesting than I had expected, the professor knows what she is talking about, and has a sense of humor; more than welcome in a 2-hour class.

I moderated the World Trade Organization for WASMUN ’08 Friday and today. My Chair Alex, was awesome, and very fun to work with. Our secretary Aledia was also very fun to work with, it’s too bad she had to leave us half-way through Saturday. Overall I’d say Alex chaired the committee very well, and the three of us (all being econ majors) had a good time. I’ll staff for WASMUN next year as well, and I will try to continue to be active in the SUMUN program here.

With THAT being said, Chicago was awesome! The city was amazing, the people were amazing, the team was amazing, and the actual ChoMUN committee and conference was amazing. Being a Grand Duke of Russia was simply beautiful! The wars we caused, avoided, and instigated were more than enough to quench my thrist for Pre-WWI wars and colonial influence! I will rule the world someday :P, even if it IS only via a MUN function.

I’m going to sign out now, but before doing so, I will recommend that everyone take an hour to go outside and enjoy it. Even if it is raining, it’s still good to get out šŸ™‚

Goodbye, World! (For tonight)


One Response to “SNAKES!,HUSKIES!,INSANE!”

  1. Mike Doyle Says:

    Glad to hear you are enjoying it all, Tyler. The doctor says (actually, the doctor did not say a thing, I just read the lab reports) my numbers have declined signifigantly, proving that alcohol was the reason for the surge upwards a few months back. So Mike is, as of several months back, on the wagon, another vice has been eliminated, and it is my job to find a hobby. You used to be my hobby, years back, and that was fun, but that is one of those all things must pass things. Today is tax day; also my day off, so that permits me to put off doing the state part until, wedll, it is not yet even begon. So my procrastion proceeds, as strong as ever. Actually, why does everybody get into such a panic over this April 15 date anyhow? I mean, if you have a refund coming, especially, why sweat having it done and posted by midnight tonight? How about Iwill drop it in the box when I get to it on the way to work tomorrow. Or maybe even tomorrow at lunch, or hell! how about tomorrow night wen I get home, change my clothes, mow the lawn, have a beer at the pub, and ,,, when I god damnit feel like it. Are they really going tos spend thousands of the federal government’s money to chase down me, a minor, and I do mean minor, taxpayer because I mailed my regturn in a day late?
    But I do owe them, so there is likely some kind of penalty and nasty letter and interest I would get slapped with, but, in the larger scheme of things, it will be kmonths before they even notice I was late.
    But I will have it all posted by the midnight hour, just a few dollars short. Hopefully, I can pay it off before they even get muine processed; I mean, out of what, 100 million returns they are going to single my mail out, and move me to the front of the line, just to get that extra $1.50 interest? And all this with their workforce that is known, and honored world wide, for theirzippy, fast as light performance processing these kinds of things.

    Enough!! Off to the Turbotax world, unless I can find a CNN article to spend some time reading, then maybe soem solitare, then, when Beinda gets home… but then I will have to remake tie bed …

    Later, Love, Dad

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