A long time coming…

February 18, 2008

We all make promises we can’t keep. New Years Resolutions in vain, and Lenten pledges that we break on Sunday, Tuesday evenings, and whenever most convenient. I said I would update twice a week, and then life got busy. Once you miss one update, it gets worse from there. I haven’t been entirely dead, I have a few drafts that I started but didn’t feel that they warranted a full post. Regardless, I apologize…

Winter Quarter is better than Fall Quarter. I gave an overview of classes already. Music History is officially insane, but still cool. Math is going well, and Bio isn’t half bad. Grade-wise I feel even better about my classes, and next quarter I will finally be able to remove Philosophy and Math 130 from my evil schedule, hopefully. THEN, I will be nearly done with University core, and move onto Business core. Yay, right?!

Valentine’s Day came and went as it usually did. Nothing spectacular. I put something that (I thought) was cute together. I suppose she liked it, so that’s good. Other than that, it was just a day. I spent it aloneish wandering around, hanging with various people between their dinners, and grabbing some coffee. I will avoid the standard women rant, this time around.

This weekend, 3 days of awesome, was the weekend of OSUMUN. SUMUN attended, so be default, so did I. I represented Libya in the Security Council, and was the ‘Voice of Africa’. We eventually moved on to a topic of insane proportions, as I put in one of my speeches, the world was blowing on the embers of World War III. I wanted a war, and I got one 😛 . Libya also took the most Pro-Western stance it has ever taken. I didn’t win any awards this time ’round, but those who did deserved it, and frankly, it was the most fun I’ve had on SC. I think my AU experience may have been better, but it is close.

I will draw this to a close. My social life, minus women, is going well, academics are fine, and my car still works. Nothing to complian about! XOXO World!


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