Once, when I was young…

January 11, 2008

Many many moons ago, I would sleep with the covers over my head. Always. I can’t explain why, but I felt safe, and I could not sleep without the feeling of something over my head. I can only sleep with my hear outside the covers if I’m with someone else. Not in the same bed, but the same room, tough I don’t mind same bed either.

Isn’t it funny how, no matter how old we get, or how much we change, that there are still things about ourselves that are a part of us. T’aint it funny that, I, 228 moons old still need to have a blanket/pillow over my head? Oh well. So it goes.

So it goes…. So it goes….. That’s a wonderful phrase. And the first to know where it comes from, wins a prize. Maybe. But yes, so life goes. Classes are well I am currently (not) reading for Bio, so I can be semi-prepared for class tomorrow. My roommate just came in too. I plan on going to sleep before 3:00 this time, napping before math tomorrow, and then napping after work, doing some HW early, and making Sunday the lazies day ever. Good plan no?

Classes are good, after a week at least. Pro and Con list following:

  • Biology
    • Class is only 50 minutes
    • My only class on Thursday
    • Prof is funny
    • Not too much reading
  • Math
    • Prof is hilarious
    • Class isn’t too long
    • all girls (mostly)
  • Music History
    • Crazy Prof
    • Hilarious Prof
    • Cool subject
    • Free symphony tickets

I must win at class-picking or something. Work is also good. Changed my hours to be less crazy-long, but I work all but Wednesday now. Oh well, trade off. Money is always good, ya know what I’m sayin’?

I need to beat Cult of Personality. Or else. Must. Win. Guitar. Hero. I.I.I ! I will ONLY beat this game on expert, and nothing else. I promise.

Good night for now.


2 Responses to “Once, when I was young…”

  1. Mike Doyle Says:

    So it goes goes comes from, I do believe, Kurt Vonnegut’s work. Several of his tomes use this phrase. What prize do I get?


  2. Prohack Says:

    Cult of Personality? Have fun with that. I’m getting better, btw, so look out!

    I’ve got a friend up here who beat the game on expert in 8 hours of continuous play (or something like that). He’s scary…

    I will probably visit the next chance i get so PREPARE YOURSELF.

    Without Wax
    Ellis A. Stackpole

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