The Blog of Ni(?)

January 5, 2008

[Intro] I know there are about 3 of you left (and you would be gone if Facebook didn’t automagically import my notes), but I want to apologize one final time about my lack of on-top updateness. So, to rectify this situation, I will set a schedule, where I will update Monday’s and Thursdays. I always felt that I didn’t have anything interesting to say, so I felt no need to blog (which is a noun AND a verb). Today, I declare that I will just blog what happens, what I see. Sometimes, occasionally, I will run across something interesting, and you, as readers, might actually enjoy it. 🙂

[As I listen to Security Now!] I am not sure how to begin this new system of blogging, so lets revisit my Christmas vacation, quarter, and weekend.

[Events!] To begin, Christmas is, for me, ever-going; My parents pay tuition (for now), so for the Mas-Of-X, I asked for very little: An Asus EEE . And an Asus EEE I received! The Black 4G Surf (701) model. It includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • 1x Intel 900 mhz (@~630) Celeron
  • 512MB of DDR2 400 RAM
  • 1x 4GB SSD (Flash-Based Solid State Drive)
  • 1x install of eeeXubuntu (custom distribution)
  • 1x 802.11bg wifi (Atheros)
  • 1x 7″ LCD screen
  • 100x Awesome-Factor

The EEE is a small, portable, yet fully functional laptop. I can tether my phone to it, use wifi, use my GPS receiver, and even listen to music/watch videos. It’s a second laptop, and I love it. I still have and adore my tablet, but for pure portability and web-surfing, you can’t beat it. Other than that, for Christmas I got some shoes, some PJ’s, and other random nik-nacks. I also bought Guitar Hero III, and a new keyboard (SHINY LED – Thanks James :/ ). Christmas was relaxing, I saw my family, love them all, and all is well! My sister is having a girl. I don’t want to count which niece/nephew number this is for me, but it is > 14. Yay.

[A+,B+,Red+,Blue+] As expected (I keed, I kid), I survived the first quarter at Seattle University. Classes were passed with a 3.2 (Not 4.0, but not bad), and I enjoyed them all. English, or Lit rather, was a good farewell to the back-and-forth experiences I have had with those silly little words. Bye! Math went pretty well, started to falter at the end of the quarter, sleep habits must be reformed! Aaaand History was fun. A few more core classes next, and I’m home free to dominate Econ.

[$$$] Work has been fun. Although I may be the geekiest (or one of) person you have ever met, IT is not my future career choice. That said, working IT is tons of fun at SU! My co workers are great, the job pays well (Though I’d really like to work for Network Services), and the work is easy some times, and forces me to think others. A good balance. I am working 18 hours (up from 17.5) WQ, and might end up closing some times, but I don’t know how. There’s a dumb law that makes me only work up to 20 hours. Although I do have Model UN and stuff in the evenings anyway. We’ll see if I’m needed to cover or not.

[Insert clever intro about women]
[Insert witty closing about women]

[Social] I just got back from Seattle on a one day trip. I was visiting Jordan, a friend (and ex-crush) of mine from wwwwway back. Sixth grade! That’s… SIX years ago! It was good to see her and know she’s doing well! NC is a ways away, and full of south-like people. And that’s just scary! She was still the same Jordan (which is a good thing), and it was refreshing to know that some people never change 😛 .

I will have to do better to keep in contact, I neglect Middle-School friends more than I should. For that, I apologize. On that note, I’ve also been talking to Nikki! Facebook is (regrettably) an invaluable tool for these kinds of things. She joined the Marines! That was unexpected, but cool in it’s own way. A musician! Impressive; marine band is pretty hard core. Nikki needs to (Or I) somehow find her (or my) way across country so we can reminisce in days of old. Also, Rayana and Jearmie! Hey! Haven’t talked to you guys in forever. And Jearmie, I DO still plan on running into you this summer, somehow.
Conclusion: Yay for old friends!

I’m done for now. Monday will give you an impression of my classes.

As for the title: I am allowed ONE Monty Python reference. That is it. Forever.

UPDATE: This is a test of the edit feature on my blog-writing client. Also, a todo list in the next 36 hours:

  • Coffee with Laura
  • See my sister, give her Gimpy
  • Pack
  • Prepare my EEE for the road
  • Secure finances

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