Post through the looking-glass

December 9, 2007

College is all about learning and growing, right? You spend 12 years of your life (K-12) learning about stuff the state decides is mandatory for function in society. This includes Algebra, Penguins, Chemistry (to a degree), John and Sue counting Apples, Colombus, Washington, WWII (Forget WWI), and other topics. What they don’t include, gernerally, is how to live. How to write a cheque, how to wash your cloths. How to pump your own gas (Lookin’ at you Oregonians). Things of practical value..

And so we go to college. Some because they want to, some because mom and dad said they had to, and some because they
want to put off the real world just a few more years. I’m the former. So far. Yet, besides just simple learning, and reading,
college includes the oppertunities to grow as a person. Sometimes, I do my homework the night before, rather than the day
of! Sometimes, I enjoy writing papers (Who doesn’t want to prove Herman Melville intended the lawyer in Bartleby to be
gay?), and even reading the textbooks. Although the latter isn’t true very often, yet. I get to start classes in my major,
maybe spring quarter, depending on how things go. After WQ, I will have tackled Science, English, and Fine Arts. I still
need math 130 after that, and then Philosophy. That leaves one more class SQ, that I could make Econ or something.
Damn I want my econ classes!

Despite this transformation from a slacker to a slight-less-slacking-slacker, I still can not manage to update my blog!
Even a semi-regular basis seems difficult for me to achieve, and for this I apoloigize. I will do my best, long days at
work might start to motivate me to write, if even just a little.

Conversations I have had late-night thus far have uncluded:
Black/White racism
English-Only Policy
Fair/Direct Trade, and the defense of Starbucks
Gov’t Conspiracy theories

Luke and I will be attending a concert on the 18th (Queens of the Stone Age) thanks to Amy, who is loaning us a place to
sleep! Thanks! You’re awesome.

Also, I recommend everyone find Eric Gordon at Seattle University, and listen to his stuff. I predict something there. šŸ™‚


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