Does anyone ever read the title?

November 15, 2007

It’s currently 1:10AM, and I’m sitting at my desk, avoiding the much loved sleep. I avoid it not for fear of dreams, or for want of baggy eyes, but simply because I feel like writing. For the moment at least. ‘I’ve Just Seen a Face’ is playing, and I may or may not be singing along. And I just had the idea of trying something. I will play my music, in random order, and write about whatever it makes pop in my head.

A Soalin’ (Peter, Paul, and Mary) – This song is very relaxing. It’s also strangely funny, but I might just be a sick person laughing about people begging for an apple. Also, it reminds me I saw Invisible Children yesterday. Very well done, I recommend you show it to everyone, providing you’ve seen it yourself. If you haven’t, I would get on that.

I’ve given up on the music thing, shuffle isn’t making the transitions easy.

I attended NWMUN this past weekend. I was excited to attend my first college conference, no dobut. I concluded the weekend with Honorable Mention, adding another award to my modest but growing MUN collection. The award, however, is not what made the weekend interesting. The conference itself took that glory. I arrived in the AUPSC (African Union) council with a negliable amount of energy, but a seemingly unlimited supply of caffine and friendlyness. Friends were easy to make, and because of that, getting what I wanted was easy. 3 Resolutions sponsored, 3 passed :). Gotta love diplomacy. I’d also like to point out, to anyone who is reading this and was IN the AU, we truned Africa into a new USSR. A strengthened unified ‘peacekeeping’ force, unified telecommunications and languages, a new CIA, and a statement of independance in the form of an anti-arms treaty encouraging the harmonization of laws and penalities. Ladies and Gents, we created a monster. But that’s ok, that’s what I was aiming for, just didn’t think we’d get away with it.

On that note, I find typing about a specific topic difficult tonight. I’m not sure WHY that is, I just know that it is. I can say that life is going pretty well at the moment.  Thanksgiving break, and thus Christmas (Note: Not ‘Winter’) break is fast approaching.

Awe Heck. I’m failing to make any sort of point, or coherent thought. I will say, I’m in a very good mood. Why? Two reasons: There’s a girl or two out there. Somewhere.  2) I am going to go read Slaughter-House Five  🙂


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