College Life, Seattle, Ducks

October 4, 2007

Today was the conclusion of the first week of school. Well, rather, today is seven days from when school began. And a story I have to tell.

Thursday evening, September 20th, 2007;
James and I were sitting at my house, having concluded a final day before our adventure began. I cut my hair, opened a bank account, took care of some other housekeeping kinds of things, and packed my bags. Come night time, I was sitting, as usual, in the dinning room, surfing the itnernet one last time as a free man. James came into the room and told me to get ready, we’re going for a drive. Puzzled, I asked why, to which he replied “Tyler, it’s our last chance to get a drive in.” I couldn’t say no. no longer woul dI be able to drive through the gorge on a whim, a passtime I had come to hold dear. We geared up, and left. The gorge never looked as pretty as that night, the sky was clear (as clear as it gets in Vancouver, Washington), and the stars were beautiful. The road I had driven so many times, felt slightly different as James took the corners. This is where I brake, this is where I shift, this is where I speed up, all the points rushed through my mind. Good bye Columbia river. Sleep that night was as sleepy as ever. I didn’t lay awake for hours wondering how tomorrow would go, I didn’t think about how life would be from now on, I didn’t even wonder if there would be traffic on I-5. All I thought about that night was wonderful, well-earned, sleep.

The drive to Seattle was somewhat boring. We took I-5. got the car pointed north, sped up, shifted into 5th, and just let her go. I arrived at UW, and helped James move in. UW wrote on my car, covering it in even more crappy paint. The University of Washington, bless their hearts, have some interesting ideas when it comes to living in a dorm. James lives in a ‘cluster’ a grouping of 9 impossibly small rooms, but they are clustered together and share a common-living space, which is unique, and kind of fun, in it’s own quaint little way. Not having any room to sleep in their dorm, I slept in the common-room, on the couch. It would have been cool to sleep on the balcony, but it is locked until everyone signs an agreement not to jump off or throw angry lobsters over the side, or something like that. Regardless, I awoke the next morning ready to begin my ‘Big Day’. And so we went, a hop-skip-jump away, I landed at SU, checked in, registered, and let SU move all my crap for me. Such hard times, I know, but fear not, it gets better. The first person I met, I believe, was Jen, someone I ‘knew’ from Facebook, and not sure of the protocol for such a metting simply introduced myself, and called it good. Since then I’ve met many many many people, all of whom are amazing, and will be great friends. My roommate, Chris, is the best roommate. Can’t be woken early, can’t be bothered by anything, save maybe being totally naked for an extended period of time, and is pretty funny. After some searching, I managed to find a few friends from orientation as well, and we’ve kept in touch. SU is an amazing place, it’s small, so I will run into everyone sometime, I promise.

Having said that, and inserting a poor-transitition; Seattle University is amazing. I will repeat myself for emphasis, and humor: Seattle University is one of the best places I have ever been. Granted I haven’t traveled the world, heck, I’ve rarely left the United States, but I can’t deny how freakin’ awesome it is here, Seattle, or college life in general. Many of my friends back home, whom I miss, had breakdowns about college life, frankly I don’t understand it, I love it. I do my homework because I want to. Sometimes, once in a while, I even do my homework when there is light outside, something unheard of to all but the most sacred Gods. Anywho, right now, at this very moment there are people playing guitar on my floor, and sitting in the hallway cheering, lauhging, talking, and having a good time. I love it, any of these people are someone you can just walk up to and talk to, something I didn’t feel in high shcool.

Schoolwork is a subject, as many of you know, that I’m not very fond of. If life were a video game, and you had to collect Homework/schoolwork points to level up, I’d be a lowly twink mage, whilst everyone else would be do-it-from-behind rouge rapers. Math is math here, nothing exciting, the professor is pretty cool, and I know a few people in the class, which is never a bad thing. English and history are another subject entirely. English, my earliest class, has proven to be the hardest thus far. The teacher is great, the classmates are good people, and it isn’t too much of a trek to journey to. Yet, the time presents a problem. 8:25AM, meaning I must wake at 8:00AM, and, because it’s an English class, I was up reading the assignment until 1:00AM, providing me with only 7 hours of sleep. This worked well in the High school world, but not in college, where I’m used to 11:00AM classes, minus English. I’ll learn to live with it, and have, thus far, enjoyed the readings. Faulkner isn’t my thing, but Melville actually did well for himself in Bartleby, although the first few pages were rather lengthy. History is two hours long, but isn’t bad. Western Civ is interesting to me, and there are some cool people in the class. Also, any class that uses online discussions is approved in my book!

College life has begun to fall into a routine. I have a job (Campus IT), that I enjoy thus far, I have a group of friends, I call my
family when I find the time. I eat 3ish meals a day, or at least I snack. My RA’s are good people, Xaiver is a wonderful hall is
wonderful to live in. Life is good. College students are different from high school students, and friends, in one major way.
They want to be here, they aren’t being forced, generally, to go to class. This makes the populus far more pleasent to talk to,
listen to, or otherwise be around. My roommate is relaxed, I’m relaxed, people are just friendly and chilled. And I’ve got my
high school friends near to hang out with. As a tangent, I had pizza with Amy last night, and discovered the most wonderful
chocolate cake I’ve tasted in many, many moons. And hey, I’ve even run into a girl or two that simply win. For the guys, you
can relate: Sometimes there is a girl that you meet, who you can not contain yourself around. The kind where she walks into
the room, and everything your mind was doing, simply stops. All thought processes cease to function, and redirected at her.
Basically, you become a smiling idiot who has little going on inside. You melt, in essence. It’s always an interesting
phenomenon. Not all girls do this to me, mind you; I’m half-gay in the sense that I often get along with girls better than guys anyway, so a lot of the people I hang around with at SU are girls. This doesn’t mean I automatically am interested in them as more than a friend, and I don’t want to come off that way. However, there are a few girls that are very intersting here
Well, my rant is slowing, and I’m at work, which I’ll rant about more later, so I shall end this 1337 word blog, and say good night


One Response to “College Life, Seattle, Ducks”

  1. Mike Doyle Says:

    Glad to hear it. You’ll do well, and I hope, am confident, actually, that you will have fun, too. It sounds grand!

    Love, Dad

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