You stole mah’ story?

May 13, 2007

Tommy Is A Sissy: A Story Of The Effects of Dehydration

By: Tyler Doyle & Amy Johnson

There are a few things in this world that are always constant, and never false. One, you will die. Two, you will pay taxes. Three, it is important to keep your body hydrated. It is important for your health, and your daily performance. Let us consider the following example: Tommy was an average boy. He liked to hang with his friends, he liked to surf the internet, and like all boys, he liked to play sports. Unfortunately for Tommy, he didn’t like to drink water. Sometimes he’d get a headache or a cramp, but he shrugged it off, after all, he didn’t want to be teased. (Or for the more graphic readers: he didn’t want to be called a sissy). After school, on Wednesday, Tommy was playing rugby with his pals. He was convinced that all liquids were equal in the eyes of his body, and loaded himself down with Diet Coke. During the game, he didn’t want to take any breaks, lest he be called weak, so he drank no additional water.As the game went on in the 90 degree Arizonaweather, Tommy lost 6% of his body weight from a lack of hydration. At that stage in the game, he began to have difficulty concentrating. Soon he was tackling the wrong players, and couldn’t catch a single pass. His friends just thought he was being silly, but they didn’t realize the hemoconcentration was slowly suffocating Tommy. His body temperature rose to 99, and continued to climb. He no longer could spare what little water he had left to sweat and cool down. His tissues, once composed almost 75% of water, were shrinking as his body literally sucked them dry, as the baby boomers are doing to the current state of social security. As from the example Tommy did not realize the importance of drinking water and how related it is to keeping your body functioning. Tommy’s overall performance and his health were jeopardized. In the future, Tommy should drink water. He should drink one to two cups of fluid at least one hour before the start of exercise. And as well, drink eight ounces of fluid 20 to 30 minutes prior to exercising. It is also important to drink water through out the day and the sign of thirst means you are already dehydrated. In essence, water is your body (observe the use of a metaphor), and you must replenish your body’s lifeline. Not supplying water can lead to disastrous effects. Unlike Tommy, I understand how much hydration affects my performance. With an active lifestyle, it is important for me to remember and keep in mind my body’s need. Little changes, such as drinking water or juice instead of pop (I love soda pop so much I could swim in it! Really, it’s true), will make a huge difference and will be very much appreciated by my body. For me to pursue my lifelong ambition of being a professional Body Builder, a companionship with water is not only essential, it means we must become a team; my body, my dreams, and water…Team Success. 

Above is the product of Amy’s not wanting to do homework, and my easily-amused rantings. Enjoy.

Best part, she turned it in, minus the part about the sissy, and a few other minor alterations. I’d say that is deserving of an ‘A’


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