Then took the other, as just as fair

April 16, 2007

And having perhaps the better claim.
For it was grassy, and wanted wear.

The ‘looming future’ as a friend of mine put it, draws nearer. I’m a laid back guy, and I try to focus on the present over the future. However, even I, try as I may, cannot escape the journey. I eventually have to pick a road, and friday, I picked that road.

Laura and I broke up. It wasn’t messy, which I’m thankful for, but it was time. Try as we might, we just couldn’t get things quite right. And with college drawing ever closer, it became harder to focus on the now and not the future. And so we split. We’ll both survive, eventually it’ll all be back to normalish. We still talk, we’re still friends. Life goes on. Eventually.

In my attempt to retain some shred of personality during this emotional time. I did something I never thought I’d do. I violated the very tenates upon which I pride myself. My life no longer has meaning.

I got a facebook. A god damned Facebook. You can thank the smiles of Bridget and Adri for that one. :/ Either way, I’m working on filling it out, so if you know me, drop me a line. Although I encourage the use of my cell phone if need ever be to contact me.

I’m excited to go to college. I really wanted to go to Lewis and Clark College, a year ago, and up until recently. Those of you who know me understand the understatement used in the previous sentence. I got wait-listed at Lewis and Clark and University of Portland (UP has since accepted me with smiles.), which radically altered my plans, pointing towards Seattle University. I’ve been to their campus, am impressed with the website, and generally find it a pleasant place to go to college. I’m not sure if I will go to LC if they decide to admit me. All my friends will be IN Seattle, but not AT Seattle U, which gives me a chance to stay in touch, but at the same time experience the whole ‘college scene.’ James, Adri, Amy, Janna, McKenzie, Lauren, Bailie, Shayna, Tie (eventually), Aaron (eventually), Ellis (Well, Tacoma) will all be close, and they’re all pretty cool peeps!

I’ve never been one to enjoy the fufillment of a sterotype, or participate in rituals long since outdated or over-rated. However, I, like all those my moons old, check the mail feverishly daily for either the elated Big Envelope or the more sadistic Small Envelope. Whichever LC decides to send may determine my entire future. The ball is in your court, don’t miss the serve. (Tennis > Basketball)


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