Ubuntu, Summer, and my return! (WOO!)

August 27, 2006

I’m back. After a long time of not blogging, I returned. I’m sure I’ve lost readers in the meantime, but that’s ok. I plan to update on a schedule now.

The first, and most obvious question anyone may have, is to ask ‘Where have you been, T8y8?’ Well, here. I haven’t been updating because I’ve been enjoying my last summer before I become a senior.

And as a senior, I realized, a lot of things I’m doing, will be the last. I just finished my last band camp, more on that later, this will be my last year of free-public schooling, it’s erie in many ways.

Band. That one word sums up my summer. For the last two weeks I pulled 9-9, or 9-8:30 or 10-9:30 days. That’s a lot of time, and it kept me from Guild Wars, blogging, gaming, and my girlfriend. On the bright side, the show this year is awesome. Check out the Evergreen High School Marching Band (and Colorguard) if you’re in the Northwest. We’re pretty good 😛

Linux. Ubuntu linux, to be more exact. I install Ubuntu on my laptop, and with some tweaking, have it running very smoothly, with eye candy, productivity, and even games. If I can get the dial-up working (for trips with no wifi) I’m removing Windows. I’ve long since been a Windows user, and I still am. Make no mistake. However, after years of soloing the OS, it occured to me, I can’t be a true computer geek, and be limited by my knoweldge to one OS. I plan on getting OS X somehow, Craigslist has quite a few cheap Macs, and I might make a Macbook my next computer purchase. Altought Core 2 is out, and that’s looking pretty tastey as well.

AIGLX is my pick of the day. Google it, install it, love it.

I’m off to watch CommandN. I’ll get back to my Friday-updates.


One Response to “Ubuntu, Summer, and my return! (WOO!)”

  1. website monitoring blog Says:

    you disappeared again…

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