June 5, 2006

As you may or may not know, I'm an IPTV junkie. As such, I'm familar with Bittorrent, especially in downloading Macbreak. However, since I reset my WRT54G (DD-WRT firmware) It's been slowing downlike MAD after some downloads. I investigated, and found a fix, change a few settings on the router relating to ports open and TCP/UDP timeout. I also saw to overclock to processor to 216 from 200. However, the latter crashed the router, and it wouldn't boot. From there, I caused insane problems.

I logged on to DD-WRT's  IRC channel, and found a helpful guy, ksg, who VNCed into my PC, and after 2 hours of work, he and I got the router back to normal. That's amazingly. I've never seen someone so helpful on forums. So this is a shoutout to IRC, and to ksg!

Good job!


2 Responses to “IRC”

  1. prohack Says:

    hmm. What precisly did you guys end up doing? Just rebooting it alot? Or did he do some wonkie ninjah haxxorz?

  2. T8y8 Says:

    We did a lot of stuff.

    Flashed the firmware 50 times, after I had flashed it 50 times before that.

    We got the rotuer to recgonize itself as a WRT54G, instead of GL, and BAM, installed Sveasoft, and then DD-WRT over that. It’s all pretty now.

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