Sunday is close to Friday, no?

June 4, 2006

I'm getting even closer to updating ON Friday as promised. Soon I the post will be readable by Friday night!

 For those who haven't been following The Pirate Bay raid, shame. For those who have, it's back up. I don't condone pirating copyrighted media, however, I also don't condone illegal raids that took down TPB, as well as hundreds of businesses. That's bad police work, and someone should be fired.

As Spore draws nearer I find myself dreaming up random creatures to create. I can't wait for the game.

Ian and I are discussing living in American and spealing English. I'm a fan of English as the offical language, although I would like the offical languages to be American English, and American Sign Language. Maybe Hawaiian, just because we took over their state, but it's part of America, with it's own language, it doesn't have to be shunned. And I don't care if you speak Spanish, Russian, Norwegian, or Japanese at home, or even with your friends, but if you are going to interact in the nation, you should speak American English. 

Besides that I'm going to start watching Love Hina, and the original Star Trek series. I've been slacking on my Anime and Sci-Fi lately 


One Response to “Sunday is close to Friday, no?”

  1. gp Says:

    More than ten years ago a California(?) Japanese person tried to get the legislature to make American English the official language and failed.
    Can you name this person?

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