What tangled webs we weave…

May 31, 2006

What's this?!!?!A non-late, weekday post?! STOP THE PRESSES!

… And then turn them back on.

I was bored, and putting of doing my English homework, so I found a distraction in wordpress.

Found out my mom's heading to the beach. This was news to me, as she's leaving tomorrow. Tyler "Always the last to know" Doyle. At least some of the time. However, I'm sure she'll have a good time. Meanwhile I'll sit back at home and work through the end of the year. I've got A's in all but one class. Where it is a B. If I can bump that to a B+, and then keep English at an A, maybe push it into a 95, rather than a 93-94, I can get my Junior year to look sexy to colleges.

Speaking of colleges, I was looking at Lewis and Clarks admissions requirements. I fit into all of them (Or will by the end of next year), except for math. There's no room for it in my schedule, but, Economics could be considered math? Well, I think I'll do Internet Acadmey math, I want to have a refresher in my mind, as well as having 4 years of math classes. I've got 3 years of science, once I finish Physics next year. I need to get a letter of recommendation from Mrs. Dulak. I started a list that had all my stuffs, I should probably find it and finish it :p . I also need to take the SAT….ACT… or whichever test I'm lookin' for.

Tyler, Out.


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