All good things…

May 18, 2006

I'm late, I know, but since few people actually read this, it doesn't much matter. is doing a great job of delivering an awesome service, they just added another datacenter and other crazy things.

Band is proceeding into the parade season. My least favorite of all, but there is little I can do to combat it. Our pop-tune is "Rock me like a hurricane" which is considerably less "white" than our previous years tunes.

The video's are on hold again it seems, but summer we'll really crank them out. won't go away, I've got a new WP up, and I'm going to modify the theme, after teaching myself the required amount of CSS knowledge. Hang tight
 I've got two projects due. One in Human Geography, and one in US History. I'm not happy about either, but especially the HuG project, there's a lot of detail, and it wasn't expected.


One Response to “All good things…”

  1. Kristine Says:

    I saw anime and vancouver in the same word and perked up. I am and old fart (yes, a grandmother of four, one on the way, and four grown children) new at this blog stuff and have been browsing. You have the same theme as I do…LOL. Good luck and best wishes for a great and productive summer. I illustrate and do voice characters…just haven’t been into a studio yet. An age defying moment yet to happen!

    I am currently listening to a foreign college student station playing The Midnight Special…LOL. They had CCR on a few secs back. Mostly techno. Now the Beatles. Check my blog out sometime.

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