May 7, 2006

Today marks the end of an era. The era of AP testing. Well, at least until next year. So it's not really an era. Or the end, because I don't have the scores, and won't until July… Still, its the end of the physical testing. The water resource center was really nice. Mr. Asher organized food stuffs for us to be eaten at Beeches. I've never heard of it before, but the food was pretty good, and it was fun.

Oh yeah. I can drive now. Well, I could before, but now I can drive legally, by myself. With a license. 

Ian and I are gonna start filmin again (Ellis too)! We mean it this time! I'm setting up the website, We're prepping our cameras, getting ideas on paper. Youtube + Godaddy = More than enough! I've even been reteaching myself Vegas and video-encoding!

Stay tuned!


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