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April 16, 2006

I’m sitting in my room listening to TWiT. They mentioned how the internet is becoming as filthy and moronic as real life. I agree. The real world has a few problems. Jerks. And sadly, the internet is getting it’s fair share of jerks. Any message board has a troll or two. Even three, who knows.

I’m running out of titles for illiteration, but that’s ok. was down today, I’m glad it is up again, offers a great free service. A real blog, with a nice array of features, skins, and a great, friendly, user base.

I bought a 512MB memory card, CF, for my PDA. I can fit about 7 epsiodes of an anime on it at a time, which is great, the battery lastest all 7 epsiodes, and more. I’m watching Shuffle. More to come later


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