Lack of alliteration

April 2, 2006

Today marks Sunday, the day before I don't return to school on Monday. Thats right, it is that Fabled time of the year. Spring break! What does that mean? TES:IV of course, and some time spent with friends and girlfriend.

I got Laura to play Guild Wars, and James loaned her his account to play on. Now that I have someone to play GW with, I mght actually get past the lowly position I am in the game, a measly level 8, not even to Lion's Arch yet. The game simply isn't as fun without partying.

I drove for a while today, about two hours. It's the first time I've driven that long in continuance. I've got my 4th drive on Thursday and then I have the final, and I an get my license. So within a month and a half is a safe bet. Speaking of, I need to get some work done on my car. It was in it's prime when they gave it to me, but with other people driving it, it needs oil, new wiper blades, and fixing that damn dome light. I'll have to get on that.

Laura went to the beach, so I won't see her until Tuesday. I'm going to get very bored, even WITH Oblivion entertaining me.

Speaking of Fabled, I think it's time I revist my old friend Fable…



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