State of Affairs

March 20, 2006

I apoloigize that I’ve been late for my second week in a row now. However, I am glad to report that I’ve fully emersed myself in the PDA world. I bought the damn thing, an Asus MyPal 620BT, a year or more ago, and rarely use it. However, now, I’ve finally adopted it into my daily routine. I’ve got the NES emulators and roms and what not, now that the DMCA states that they are legal 😛 … I also got a few updates to the standard suite. Calander Plus, a Counter-Timer for MUN, etc. If you have any recommendations for Windows Mobile 2003, let me know in the comments.

Voyager Seasons 1-4 down, and Enterprise seasons 1-4 down. Only 3 more seasons for Voyager, and I’ll be finished. I’m not sure if I wanna delve into TNG yet, I think I need a break from TV. is one of my favorite Star Trek sites.

Laura has been sick for 3 days now. I miss her and hope she feels better. I also hope I fight this off, because I’m slowly getting sick. I’m going to go rest, and hope my ultra-powerful immune system kicks in.

Edit: Oh yeah, I switched to the new Thirteen theme. I love it.


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