A list of greivences

March 15, 2006

I’ve decided to draw up a list of MySpace, WordPress, LJ, and whatever greivences.

  • Poor design.
  • Learn the color wheel
  • Never…ever…ever…EVER have a marquee; or text following a mouse
  • Tables are supposed to be seemless. Not EVERYTHING needs a border
  • Generators. Bad. Go away.
  • Secrets.
    • “I have a secret. But I won’t tell you” – Please, if you won’t tell me, then don’t tell me about it
    • Blatant cries for attention
    • Depressing cheesy poetry. – Shut up.
    • LOOK AT ME I CAN DRINK ALCOHOL!!!11!2 And then you’re mom finds it and you’re grounded.
  • Myspace is the single greatest invention ever!
    • AIM
    • E-mail
    • Flickr, shutterbook, and numerous other things.
    • All of the above accomplish the same purpose.

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