Skating, Trekking, And… something?

March 4, 2006

My journey through the world of Star Trek continues. I’m on voyager Season 4 and Enterprise season 2. Star Trek delivers something interesting, something different. I just wish I guess I could travel the galaxy and party such as they do, but I’m restricted to Earth. And even then there isn’t much left to be explored. I guess if I went down in the ocean I’d have alot to look at, but other than that, there isn’t much around.

I went Ice Skating today, and plan to do it again. I haven’t been in ages, and did much better this time around. It was fun, I did alright by the time we left. I want to go semi-regularly so that I can become at least average, and not kill myself if the need ever arises.

I’m also behind on my IPTV and Podcasts, I’m going to watch them tonight so that I can get back to Enterprise and Voyager


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