LANs and Dances

February 10, 2006

I just returned from the second Evergreen High School LAN, hosted by the semi-unoffical LAN club. I just my webserver as a game server, it increased performance for everybody, and made the LAN just a little bit easier. Overall I liked the LAN. Providing the server wasn’t that bad. Maybe I should pack it into a crazy small case just for ease of transport. But alas, I am poor. On the other hand my main PC performed pretty well. I took second scores in CoD2, but Aaron has been practicing like crazy. James has been playing WoW. I kinda want it too, but I’m poor, and heap. We’ll see. Who knows?

Tomorrow there is a dance at the school! I’m going with Laura, Duh! We’re going with some friends too, then going bowling and whatnot, it’s insanity. It’ll be fun though.

My video production class is cool I can’t wait to learn to use my camera. I’ve got webspace, so we can party. Parties are cool.


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