January 27, 2006

No, I’m not an immigrant with a poor concept of the english language, nor a citizen with a poor concept of English. That’s just American Sign Language grammar. I’ve got finals Monday and Tuesday. My ASL final is Tuesday, and will incorporate some large quantity of worlds, in addition I’ll have a presentation in English on Monday. Other than that finals really won’t affect me too much. I got my History finals done with today, it wasn’t too bad. Although I can’t help but notice that there weren’t very many questions on the Civil War. Considering we’d just covered it I figured it would. Oh well.

The internet is an interesting place. Google is starting to spiral down a little. I read their article/confession on the China incident. Although it makes sense, I’m still not sure I’m comfortable with the filtering of an entire narions internet.

Remember the schedule that I made with the anime and the gaming? Haven’t started it yet. I will, really. At the moment I’m watching Stargate: Atlantis. I never picked up on the original series, but Atlantis is cooler anyway.

I don’t have a cool link today.


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