The Constitution And 802.11G

January 22, 2006

I’ll get into the groove of a Friday update, I promise. In the meantime I’ll be withing 3 days of Friday. All-in-all that isn’t too bad.

I’ll get into the groove of a Friday update, I promise. In the meantime I’ll be withing 3 days of Friday. All-in-all that isn’t too bad.

Dulak, my HuG/IS/life teacher locked down the forums with some more security. My dad and I were talking about this. One the one hand the itnernet is a scary place. And with, ,, and other SSP (Shameless Self Promotion) sites around stalkers have a plethora of oppertunity to stalk. That being said I must quote an old friend of mine “Those who would sacrifice essential liberties for a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” I don’t have a problem with the new security. As long as it stays where it is. Dulak has proven herself to be awesome though, and I trust she won’t go crazy Nazi.

I decided that my schedule is awesome. Before it goes into effect tomorrow I tried to get as much Chobits out of the way as I could. I have to find my 0083 DVD’s before I can watch them! I’m pretty sure they’re just buried under my other DVD’s. Man would I love to have Mobile Suit Gundam, but alas there are no fansubs and the DVD’s are expensive. On the note of Videos, AVI’s, and Codecs, I decided to switch BACK to the CCCP (The codec pack, not the Soviet Union) and to install XviD seperatly. I also got AVI2DVD to work, and taught myself some simple Avisynth script so that I can convert DVD to AVI.

I figured out a way to convert my entire house to one wireless G WPA-encrypted access point. I moved the router to my mom’s office, ran two Cat5 cables through the wall, one to the router from the modem, and the other to the router from a switch in my room. Everything works great. My PC is on 100mb, as is my web server. The laptop connects anywhere in the house, as do Karl’s laptops. My mom’s PC is plugged directly into the router. Such wireless freedom is indeed a joy. I can watch anime without skipping anywhere in the house. I’m thinking of building a dedicated fileserver, a few SATA drives on RAID. If only I had any money. Anyone interested in buying a 6600 GT Pci-E 16X graphics card?

Cool Link: Trillian

Trillian is a cool Multi-protocol IM client. I’m looking into Gaim 2.0 as well, but as it stands the interface sucks in comparison to Trillian.


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