Anime, bittorrent, ASL? Oh… My?

January 17, 2006

Hey everyone! I just got done filming myself going all around my house for an ASL project. I realized that my camera doesn’t get used enough, so I’m going to change that. I did some investigation on some forums and found some people interesting in helping me. Now we need to do it, so, I’m going to launch the most awesomest (Not a word, bite me) way to write a script ever! You’ll just have to wait and see.

Next up is anime. I really need to start watching more. And so I shall. I’m venturing back into the world of fansubs. Yes, they’re legal :P. Comic Party is something I’m interested in, as well as tracking down the Ah! My Goddess OVA’s and Movie. That’ll give me something to party over. It’s still my life-long goal to find Mobile Suit Gundam, so I can finish the damn series.

I’ve decided to desginate my gaming (And Anime) schedule as following, effective next week:
Monday: Battlefield 2 & Expansion ( Tekkaman blade)
Tuesday: Call of Duty 2 (Chobits)
Wednesday: Age of Empires III (gundam 0083)
Thursday: Civilization IV (Gundam 0080)
Friday: Face Of Mankind + Whatever else (Free)

Weekend: Freeform (Free)

Cool link: μtorrent
This is undoubtly one of the BEST Bittorrent programs there is. Version 1.4 adds RSS support.


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