Woo – A tradition of old

December 19, 2005

Starting a subject with woo is a tradition that spans back to, not live, but u-journal. In acordance with the scriptures, I’ve decided to continue this tradition, if not just once.

Regardless, I digress. I’m listening to the Pokémon theme song. There is, has, and will always be a special place in my heart for Pokémon. It did get me into animé really. Or at least sparked the fire. I’d say the Gundam series is what truely gets me into the anime zone. Wing, Gundam, 0083 (Which I need to finish), 0080 (Which I need to start) and others. Gundam X was an awesome series as well. Call me a sap for love stories, but hey, what am I going to do?

In the gaming realm I’ve been playing CoD2, and Civ IV lately. CoD2 provdes a good Team-FPS expierence. Civ IV is prehaps one of the greatest inventions in the universe. I’ve been a Civ player since Civ III, which doesn’t seem that long ago, but I also played Alpha Centuari. There, my respect level went up a bit, eh? Alpha Centuari, also by Fraxis was the perfect game to me. Then Civ III rolled out and I was amazed once again. Now, with 3D graphics, a religion element, more resources, and Civics, Civ IV improved upon perfection.

I apologize for the frequent changes in the theme I use, but I’m trying to find a theme that I really like, and wont’ get sick of in a day.

Stay tuned!


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