Ethnicity On The Internet?

December 2, 2005

In my Human Geography class we’re discussing ethnicity, and I wondered to myslef “I wonder how many ethnicites are on the internet”

 So I’ve decided I’m going to classify the internet.

Ethnicities thus far:

Gamer: This is one of the basic types of ethnicities. The Gamer is one who plays games for sport. MMORPG, FPS, RTS, any and all kinds. A gamer has an extensive knoweldge of concoles, pc’s,or both.

Casual-Surfer: The casual surfer
Blogger: A blogger is one who devotes his/her life with filling the rest of the world in on his/her life with a web-based log. Blogging types range from extensive, to the occational updater, with many sub-ethnicities.

If I generate enough interest, I’ll stick it into a wiki. I’ll continue to update and begin to define the various groups!

Send in feedback and ideas!


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